Victoria Secret Angel Ming Xi Gives Birth; Husband Mario Ho Celebrates

Today, supermodel Ming Xi gave birth to a baby boy! Her husband Mario Ho celebrates and shares the following message on Weibo and Instagram:

Long time no see! I am here to share with you a great news from our family! My wife Ming Xi and I have officially become parents!

I am so thankful to my wife Ming! Throughout her pregnancy, I also realized that my mother’s own sacrifice and difficulty. In the past, she walked and jumped, and was full of energy. Later, it was not convenient for her to walk around after the pregnancy. She also had to endure terrible morning sickness and uncontrollable mood swings. It’s not easy being a mother! Thank you, my wife, for all that you went through, and for giving me a healthy and lovely baby.

My father will be turning 98 years old next month. For me, he is basically Superman. He can do anything. When I was a child, he would grant me any wishes that I had. But for himself, there was always one wish that was not fulfilled: to have a grandson. I am finally able to tell him today that he has a grandson! The wishes of this old man has finally come true, and our family now has a fifth generation of men!

For the baby’s name, our family has always been named according to the genealogy records. The second word in the name is one that is used by every cousin in that generation, according to the genealogy records. The third word in the name is generally chosen by the father for the child. My dad said that wealth is a gift he gave to every child and grandchildren. As for what we do with it, it will depend on our own talent. However, for this grandson, he hopes to give a unique gift that can accompany him for the rest of his life – that is – to give his own name to his grandson to inherit. Therefore, my son is honoured to be He Guang Zhen. This is in the hope that he can become a legendary person who does good for society, just like his grandfather. The English name, Ronaldo, is chosen by me. I hope he will be tall and handsome. I hope he will have both talent and ability to win the world’s recognition through his own efforts. No pressure, son!

Thank you again, my wife, you are the best, I love you! πŸ₯°

Mario Ho is the youngest son of Stanley Ho, the King of Gambling and business typhoon who had a government granted monopoly on Macau for 40 years. Stanley Ho is also allegedly involved in Chinese organized crime, with spanning across China, Canada and the United States.

The Ho family has been a hot topic in the press for decades, spanning back to when Stanley Ho was a young gentleman that married Clementina Leitao, from the prestigious Portuguese Leitao family back when Macau was still a Portuguese colony.

He later married 3 more wives, including dancer Lucina Azul Nee Laam, Lietao’s nurse Ina Chan, and dancer Angela Leong. Among the 4 wives, Stanley Ho has a total of 17 children, many of whom are famous celebrities or important players in his gambling empire. The public has been a spectator to their family drama for decades. Check out more information about the Ho family from this Bloomberg Article.

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