Zhao Liying Leaves Fans Breathless with Harper’s Bazaar

Recently Harper’s Bazaar released a new collection of photos of Zhao Liying. As the cover of the first fashion magazine for her postpartum return, this was a huge success that generated much conversation.

This collection involves many symbols of the Chinese landscape, including mountains, waters, clouds, and cedar. Th gentle and elegant image is a subtle reflection of Chinese culture.

A dark tube top dress, the makeup is elegant, quiet. The whole collection is showing the oriental charm, with Zhao Liying’s eyes which are full of stories.

This is her third consecutive year of being the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. The photos are shot by Chen Man.

Many fans have left poetic comments to compliment these beautiful photos:

The world is a mess, and you are so clean and simple. You are hanging on my heart, you are the moon to me.”

“Quiet and soft under the moonlight, the so-called beauty, by the water.”

Gourd symbolizes beauty and harmony in traditional Chinese mascots. This is also my prayer for Zhao Liying, who is entering into a a new stage of her life.”

Beauty and gourd are classic artistic symbols of Chinese landscape.”

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