Jackson Yee’s New Movie ‘Better Days’ Scheduled for Release October 25th!

Today (October 22), the official Weibo of the movie Better Days announced: “The movie will be released on October 25th, thank you for your waiting.”

After a summer of waiting, the fans finally received news of the film. The film has previously announced its withdrawal from the Berlin Film Festival, and delays of release were all very disappointing to fans.

In July, after considering the completion and based on market analysis prejudgment, the production and distribution parties negotiated and agreed that Better Days’ released date of June 27 should be pushed back.

In fact, Better Days‘ pre-sale just broke 30 million! In 3 hours and 20 minutes, pre-sales break 10 million, 4 hours 50 minutes later, pre-sale break 20 million, and in 7 hours 30 minutes, it broke 30 million!

It is also interested to note that in contrast to the usual market trend, male audience takes up to 30% of the pre-sale this time.

The story adapted from the novel “Youth, You are So Beautiful” which tells the story of how an accident caused two teenagers to change the course of their lives the night before the university entrance exam. It tells the story of how two youths protect each other and slowly become adults.

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