G.E.M. Release New Music for Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie ‘Terminator’

G.E.M. launched a new single “Walk on Water” on Weibo recently. The new single, which was created by her, was also the theme song of the Chinese release of the blockbuster sci-fi movie Terminator: Dark Fate starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

This is an inspiring song encouraging everyone not prevail despite any adversity and struggle. G.E.M. revealed that in real life, she encounters similar situations every day. “I’ve always faced a significant amount of cyber bullying. As a result, I fell into an emotional state, occasionally overeating, occasionally starving myself, or overworking. Some times, I encounter things that are unreasonable during work, where even basic respect is deprived from me. All these experiences have challenged my confidence, but also made me more determined to succeed.”

The song was inspired by an animal called the “Jesus Lizard” in the world. They can walk on the water to escape in times of danger. Walk on Water embodies this sentiment: in the moment of adverse difficulties and in front of a the storm, do not admit defeat, do not retreat, and break through with confidence. Through the powerful sound lines and powerful lyrics of G.E.M., this song brings full strength and courage. Many fans listened to this song and felt deep resonance. This is G.E.M.’s own experience.

The corresponding music video is sci-fi themed. G.E.M. said: “Don’t worry about me, frustration is an experience that everyone will encounter. It is normal. Music is the vehicle for me to channel those feelings. After I let it out through my music, I feel a lot better!

G.E.M. revealed that she loves to watch sci-fi films in private. “Although they are fictional, after watching sci-fi films, I always feel a sense of mission. They make me feel like I have the power to change the world. I feel empowered.”

Check out the new song below:

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