The Untamed Coming to Netflix!

A new hashtag regarding The Untamed has reached number one on Weibo today. Turns out, it’s great news: The Untamed will be making its way to Netflix next week!

Translation: MangoTV’s Weibo Status – #TheUntamedComingToNetflix Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo’s The Untamed will be making its debut in north America, south America, and Europe next week!

Fans cannot control their excitement:

Yes! Out of the Nation and into the World! So excited for the Untamed! Xiao Zhang fighting! @Xiaozhan
#TheUntamedComingToNetflix Fighting~ ^0^ Cultural export is awesome!

This news comes just after it was announced that the drama will make its debut in Korea on October 21.

Looking forward to watching re-runs on Netflix! In the meantime, here’s a brief MV of the behind the scene clips made for Xiao Zhan’s birthday:

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