Actor Ye Fan Posts on Weibo Insulting Xiao Zhan

Actor Ye Fan made a very surprising shoutout to Xiao Zhan today on Weibo. In his tweet, he tagged Xiao Zhan and said “You’re a nobody” or “You’re nothing.”

Ye Fan: @XiaoZhan you’re nothing.

Actor Ye Fan is a veteran actor who was most well known for his supporting role in the Chinese award-winning movie Cell Phone 手机. This is a movie that is virtually known and watched by everyone in China.

Later, he participated in the drama A Story of Lala’s Promotion 杜拉拉升职记, which was also a commercial success.

Fans are surprised to see a veteran actor make such a direct verbal attack to Xiao Zhan, especially in such a direct manner. Fans have left comments trying to diffuse the situation:

Translate: Senior, please be clear when you say things. Otherwise, it will create unnecessary problems for both parties.

Not sure what kind of misunderstanding senior has against Xiao Zhan. Would it be ok if you made it clear what you meant? Otherwise this is hurtful to everyone.

Excuse me, what did you mean here?

Xiao Zhan did start from the bottom and indeed he is nothing. He’s just working hard and trying to make it in this entertainment industry. Wish I can hug him [keep him away]. No matter what senior means here, please be respectful, thank you senior.

In addition, Mango TV has chimed in and confirmed that the two actors have never worked together, and left a subtle shade:

Mango TV: It is confirmed that the two actors never worked together before. We only know that @XiaoZhan is always a hard working actor, especially for a rookie. All our staff that worked with him also gave great feedback. Lets see some other comments about Xiao Zhan from other seniors!
Attached to this tweet is a bunch of short clips or screenshots of different senior actors who left great reviews about Xiao Zhan in their collaboration with him.

It’s kind of a strange situation, considering Ye Fan attacked him so directly. Perhaps he has more to say later? We shall wait and see.

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  • October 22, 2019 at 3:00 am

    Jealous Actor YE FAN .


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