Top 10 Most Viewed Chinese Drama of Summer 2019!

In China, Chinese Dramas that strategically begin broadcast during June to September are commonly known as “暑期剧” which can be loosely translated into English has “Summer Vacation Dramas.” These Chinese Dramas of the Summer are unique because they specifically target students who are on summer vacation, and with the right onscreen couple and a good storyline, these summer Chinese Dramas can create a massive following!

Every year, the competition for these Summer Chinese Dramas is FIERCE. Netizens always speculate who will go home with the title of the Sumer Vacation Broadcasting Champion. Lets take a look at the top 10 Summer Vacation Drams of 2019!

No 10: King’s Avatar 全职高手 (Starring Yang Yang) – 1.49 Billion Views

Of course the Summer Chinese Drama King’s Avatar made quite a splash, especially given Yang Yang’s popularity. Fans often compared this to Go Go Squid, but felt that King’s Avatar was more devoted to the theme of E-Sports. This Summer Chinese Drama is a very serious and professional story of passionate e-sports.

Some netizens said: “Who knew a story where the characters don’t fall in love can be so good!” If romantic Chinese Dramas are getting boring for you, I really recommend you to check out this one. Yang Yang’s acting is getting better and better.

No. 9: The Lost Tomb 2 怒海潛沙&秦嶺神樹 (Starring Neo Hou & Cheng Yi) – 1.81 Billion Views

In fact, there are a lot of suspenseful Chinese Dramas that came out this year. This Summer Chinese Drama is based on the trilogy novel “The Lost Tomb“. There are a lot of original fans waiting for this summer Chinese drama. In the end, the response from the audience is very polarized, and some plots are not logical.

The male lead Neo Hou received lots of praise for his acting. Much like Xiao Zhan, he began as an idol so it’s a big achievement to be recognized as an actor!

No. 8: Love and Destiny 宸汐缘(Starring Ni Ni & Chang Chen) – 2.27 Billion Views

It may be that there was a single-platform broadcast, so the accumulated view volume for this summer Chinese drama is not as high as other Chinese dramas who were broadcasted simultaneously in multiple platforms. This story is very similar to “The Untamed“. It started with a low score but has counter-attacked and became one of the highest regarded costume Chinese drama in recent years.

It’s a shame that Love and Destiny encountering The Untamed halfway through its broadcast. The Untamed took away a lot of attention, just like last summer when Ashes of Love met The Story of Yanxi Palace. Classic examples of explosive summer Chinese dramas encountering another explosive summer Chinese drama.

No. 7: River Flows to You 流淌的美好時光 (Starring Zheng Shuang & Ma Tianyu) – 2.31 Billion Views

“River Flows to You” is another summer Chinese drama where everyone complains while everyone keeps watching. The score on Douban (Chinese rotten tomatoes) is only a 3.4! It is really just full of controversy. Everyone has a lot of opinions on the acting of the male and female lead. But hey, bad press is still publicity when it comes to summer Chinese dramas!

“River Flows to You” is an adaptation from Guo Jingming’s novel “Cry me a sad river” a story about youth love and campus bullying. Unfortunately it has not been adapted well, and the summer Chinese drama became extremely illogical and cliché.

No.6: Please Give Me A Pair Of Wings 请赐我一双翅膀 (Starring Arron Yan & Ju Jingyi) – 2.32 Billion Views

Please Give Me a Pair of Wings is a summer Chinese drama that began broadcast without any interest. There is almost no discussion, but there are many people silently watching. One can only say that when it comes to summer Chinese dramas, it is full of competition and any discussion on this summer Chinese drama has been buried by the popularity of The Untamed and Go Go Squid.

Ju Jingyi is the goddess of the online Chinese dramas and she has been very popular for the past two years. Her character here is called the unlucky woman of Chinese Drama History. Her father was killed and imprisoned. She doesn’t have the amazing luck that female protagonist often gets, which is very different from her past role.

No. 5: The Untamed 陈情令 (Starring Xiao Zhan & Wang Yibo) – 3.42 Billion Views

I did not expect The Untamed to be the fifth! It only got half the views of “Go Go Squid. This is probably because The Untamed is a summer Chinese Drama that is also broadcasted via single platform. Nevertheless, its Douban score of 8.0 is much higher than Go Go Squid. Interesting.

The Untamed is definitely the most successful Fantasy Historical Chinese Drama in recent years. It has a good reputation and a positive evaluation. It is even more popular in Thailand, South Korea and Japan. P.S.: The date of broadcast for South Korea has been confirmed!

No.4: Over the Sea I Come to You 带着爸爸去留学 (Starring Sun Honglei & Xin Zhilei) – 3.67 Billion Views

This is an emotional Chinese drama related to the theme of family. Over the Sea I Come to You may have received very polarizing reviews, but the amount of webcasting is very high. This summer Chinese drama tells the story of studying abroad, through the tears of laughter in the life of three different families.

Huang Chengdong accompanies his son to the US to study. He meets other parents who give up also moved to the United States so that their children can have a better future. All these families with different backgrounds cross paths and experience many obstacles and difficulties together.

No 3: A Little Reunion 小欢喜 (Starring Huang Lei & Hai Qing) – 4.18 Billion Views

A Little Reunion is a Chinese drama that combines elements of family and campus stories. This summer Chinese drama is more focused on family, and scored a high score of 8.4 on Douban! It’s got extremely high reputations at the moment!

A Little Reunion tells the story of three families in the final year of high school, with the college entrance examination just around the corner. The emotions are quite delicate and true. They tell the story of a parent’s relationship and its impact on their children. With such serious topics, the story is not heavy. This summer Chinese Drama shows that ultimately, the lives of these families are full of little pieces of laughters and love.

No. 2: Growing Pain 少年派 (Starring Zhang Jia Yi & Yan Ni) – 4.79 Billion Views

Growing Pain, is a campus coming-of-age story that has gained a high degree of conversation in the mainland China. Recently, there are many similar emotional dramas, which not only show the sweetness of youth love, but also the family and children’s love for one another.

This summer Chinese drama focuses on four distinct families, with warm fathers, strong-control mothers, cheerful girls, and campus goddesses. We get to see what it is like to experience the pressure of college and the university entrance exam.

No. 1: Go Go Squid 亲爱的,热爱的 (Starring Yang Zi & Li Xian) – 8.12 Billion Views!

Go Go Squid sits on the top of the championship of Chinese summer dramas, with nearly twice as much views as the second place. There is really no match for this show’s popularity. However, although the show is a champion of broadcasting for Chinese summer dramas, the score of 6.6 on Douban is not high.

It is generally agreed that the story of Go Go Squid is a bit thin. It can only be said that Li Xian and Yang Zi’s charisma are too powerful, and essentially carried the team this entire time. (Production crew – especially writers – time to reflect!) Fans of this Chinese drama really loved to watch this onscreen couple this summer.

And that’s all of the top 10 viewed Chinese dramas of Summer Vacation! It’s always one of the most competitive times of the year for Chinese Dramas, and the influx of students who are watching TV really shifts the dynamic of the audience. As such, broadcasting stations are extremely strategic about their broadcasting times, often trying to “steal views” from other Chinese Dramas and avoiding head on collision with tough competitors. As such, sometimes the broadcasting views are not accurate reflections of the quality of the dramas itself. If you’ve watched any of these, what do you think about the outcome? Let us know in the comments below!

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