Which Of These 12 Chinese Drama Goddess Looks Best In Douli Hats?

A douli (斗笠) is an Asian conical hat that is commonly referred to as a rice farmer hat. The meaning of a douli is a bamboo hat. Many foreigners associate a douli with farming, but in fact it is commonly worn by women with good family backgrounds.

One type of bamboo hat, the weimao (帷帽) has silk covers around the rim of the hat, so that women with status can go out into the public while covering their face.

Gong Li from Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior (1989)

Nowadays, we see many C-Drama goddess wearing them in historical Chinese dramas. Which of these character design looks the best with a douli? Lets take a look at 12 characters who wore these bamboo hats:

No. 12: Xuan Lu

Xuan Lu shot to fame recently from the drama The Untamed. She is looking sharp and handsome in a bamboo hat.

No. 11: Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying wore a bamboo hat in Princess Agents, The Journey of Flower, as well as The Story of Minglan. It’s obvious that she is the type that looks adorable in a bamboo hat:

No. 10: Janine Chang

In The Advisor’s Alliance, Janine Chang played the role of an amazing advisor who was just as intelligent as her male counterparts. When she revealed her face for the first time from under her hat, everyone was shocked at her beauty:

No.9: Ju Jingyi

Ju Jingyi appeared for the first time in The NewLegend of Madame White Snake earlier this year with a white bamboo hat.

No.8: Jing Tian

Jing Tian made an appearance in The Glory of Tang Dynasty in a bamboo hat as well. Again, we have a girl who looks adorable with it!

No. 7: Yang Mi

Yang Mi’s character in Wu Dang also wore a bamboo hat at a certain point. In the film, Yang Mi’s character had the task of finding rare treasures. What an adventure!

No. 6: Angelababy

In General and I, Angelababy’s character also wore a bamboo hat. This traditional rice farmer hat almost look like a bougie beach hat when she wears it!

No. 5: Cecilia Liu Shishi

In The Brotherhood of Blades, Cecilia’s character was a girl from a family that fell out of their upper class status and the love interest of the male lead. After seeing her character, it is no wonder he fell for her!

No. 4: Li Qin

In Princess Agents, Li Qin was a spoiled princess who appeared in a bamboo hat. She looked GORGEOUS.

No. 3: Wang Luodan

Wang Luo Dan was actually criticized for her acting in The Virtuous Queen of Han. Nevertheless, fans agree that her character looked great in a douli hat.

No.2: Wang Yitong

Wang Yitong in The Border Town Prodigal shocked viewers with her ashy hair and dark coloured douli. This was unique and refreshing for fans.

No.1: Viann Zhang Xinyu

In The Border Town Prodigal Zhang Xinyu really impressed fans with her fierce beauty. In fact, she looks good in bamboo hats of EVERY COLOUR:

Ok folks, who is your favourite Chinese Goddess in a bamboo hat? Let us know in the comment section below!

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