Top 10 Most Influential Celebs of Sept 2019!

The latest September 2019 star network influence list was released.

Xiao won his second consecutive championships, due to the popularity of “The Untamed” which has been broadcasting since July, he replaced Cai Xu Kun’s seven month champion, so he is really the hottest star right now!

As well, fans noted that Yang Zi did not enter the top five this time, and that the top three are all “male gods!”

No. 10 – Dilireba

Dilireba’s exposure has always been very high, frequently participating in variety shows. She recently appeared with her boss Yang Mi in the cultural experience program “Meeting the Temple of Heaven.” As well, Dilireba was recently confirmed to play alongside Wang Jing Yu in a new romantic comedy drama.

No. 9 – Roy Wang of TF Boys

TFBOYS popularity has always been high. At the beginning of the month, Wang Yuan confirmed that he will be attending the Berkeley Conservatory of Music in the United States. Although fans are very reluctant, they are happy to see him update his social medial with the local photos. Every time his social medial updates, he is trending on Weibo, showing just how popular he is.

Although he decided to study abroad and suspend his acting career, he continued to appear on television and social media. His film “DaZhuZai” starring Ouyang Nana has been scheduled for broadcasting and will meet the viewers very soon!

No. 7 Jackson Yee of TF Boys

Jackson Yee from TFBOYS also made it to the top 10 once again. His summer drama The Longest Day in Chang’An just wrapped up and in August, his singles “Falling Good” and “Fall” were released. Clearly, Jackson’s acting and singing careers are going very well.

Jackson was recently placed at #9 in the 2019 Forbes China Celebrity List and made it to the most influential people list of GQ. Clearly, his charm is really strong!

No.7 – Yang Zi

Yang Zi was only placed in the seventh! The “My Mowgli Boy” in the biggest hit of the summer and still full of topics. However, because there are other new dramas which began to broadcast, the heat of the show has been tamed. Still, it cannot hold back the charm of Yang Zi.

Yang Zi also participated in the variety show “Chinese Restaurant 3”. This variety is one of the most popular variety shows in the past month.

No. 6 – Karry Wang of TF Boys

The most popular TFBOYS is Karry Wang Junkai. He is also on the cover of the September issue of the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar Men. September is the most important month of the year. The stars that usually hit this month’s cover are all A listers which high influence. This is enough to show his popularity.

Recently, Karry Wang Junkai also released the latest single “Ain’t Got No Love” and acted as a guest performer at Mayday’s concert.

No. 5 – Zhu Yi Long

Zhu Yi Long’s popularity on the Internet has always been very high. He is in the top ten of the weekly star power list, and his fans are very vocal.

Fans are very excited because it has been confirmed he will be playing the male lead against Liu Shi Shi for her comeback film, which is scheduled to begin filming soon!

No. 4 – Cai Xu Kun

Cai Xukun sat on the No.1 spot all the way from January to July 2019, but this seven consecutive month of championship was ended by the Xiao Zhan last month. Still, his high popularity remains.

A few days ago, he participated in the 2019 Chinese Music Awards, and he won the 2019 Golden Song Award for “Wait Wait Wait”, the 2019 Best Stage Performing Male Singer, and the 2019 Chinese Outstanding Young Singer.

No. 3 – Li Xian

Li Xian is now in third place! After the popularity of Go Go Squid! during summer vacation, Li Xian has received a never ending list of endorsement deals. He became the spokesperson for a cell phone brand alongside Zhao Li Ying, and became the face of Estee Lauder Asia Pacific. Clearly, he is super popular right now.

No. 2 – Wang Yi Bo

Wang Yibo’s second place is not unexpected! Since the explosive popularity of “The Untamed”, he can see the hot search in various social medial platforms every day. Soon, he will be alongsize Zhao Li Ying in the costume of the big historical production “Legend of Fei.”

No. 1 – Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan won the championship for two month in a row, which is really deserved. A few days ago, Xiaozhan celebrated the third anniversary of his debut. As well, not long ago he announced the establishment of a Personal Studio. This is his first independent artist studio. His business volume is huge and he needs the whole team to do it.

So that’s the 10 Ten most popular celebs of Sept 2019. Did your bis make the list? Let us know in the comment section!

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