Liu Yi Fei’s Mulan Photos Released; Fans Can’t Event Recognize Her

In a lot of dramas where the girls dress as boys, the story is so ridiculous but as fans we have to just play along. Most of the time, the girl just has short hair but it’s so obvious that she’s a girl!

However, in Liu Yi Fei’s interpretation of Mulan, fans were truly impressed with her transformation. Keep in mind her nickname in Chinese is Xian Niu Jie Jie, which can be translated to the Fairy Sister.

This is how fans have always known her image to be:

Even where she is in modern clothing, she was always famous for having an elegant aura around her:

Because she’s so elegant, when the news broke out that she will be starring in the movie “Mulan”, many netizens felt that her temperament is too gentle and feminine and she isn’t suited this role.

However, among the latest stills, fans were impressed with her new role. This time, the character design was very well thought out, and it feels as if she has no makeup on she wears men’s clothing. The the mud is very suitable for the role.

The film is scheduled to be released in North America on March 27, 2020. Looking forward to it!

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