Top 10 Chinese Dramas of September 2019!

A lot of romance dramas are competing for viewers at the moment. But who came out on top based on the recent statistics for viewership?

No.10: The Missing Half 遗失的二分之一

This is a Taiwanese Drama currently broadcasting in China. Su Yan (Starring Huang Pei Jia) appears bright and cheerful but deep down has many insecurities unknown to others. With the support of her boyfriend Lu Jin Yu (Starring Anson Chen) , she is able to write a letter which reveals the truth.

No. 9: Modern Couples 柠檬男女

Modern Couples, starring Wang Yan Yang and Xu Xiao Lu is a romantic comedy that tells the story of 3 couples as they navigate through life. (Think FRIENDS!)

No. 8: Nine Kilometers of Love 九千米爱情

Nine Kilometers of Love is a unique story that takes place in the Aviation Industry. It revolves around the story of the arrogant aviation prodigy Lin Shu (Starring Riley Wang Yi Lun) and his encounter with an arrogant colleague, Cheng Cheng (Lin Ting Ting).

No. 7: Mountains and Ocean 你是我的山川和海洋

The stubborn Xia Rui Ning (Starring Zhuang Da Fei) enters into a new school and meets the infamous Ye Brothers. Ye Miao (Starring Fan Zhi Xin) is the ideal prince charming, and Ye Lin (Starring Huang Sheng Shi) is the dark prince. Over time, a complicated entanglement happens between the 3 of them.

No. 6: Walk Into Your Memory 走进你的记忆

After famous chef Long Haoqian (Starring Eden Zhao Zhi Wei) looses his memories, his psychic assistant An Ning (Starring Cecilia Boey) helps him to recover and find the missing pieces in this romantic comedy.

No.5: My Girlfriend Is An Alien 外星女生柴小七

This show aired in Mid August and finally reached a finale in September. Many fans looked forward to the ending and could not hold back their laughter this entire journey!

This is a romanic comedy with a fantasy element. Chai Xiao Qi (Starring Wan Peng) is an alien girl who accidentally ends up on Earth and encounters the arrogant CEO Fang Leng (Starring Hsu Thassapak).

No. 4: The World Owes Me A First Love 世界欠我一个初恋

The recently debuted drama starring Bai Lu and Xing Zhao Lin has been much anticipated! This tells the story of a workplace couple which takes place in the Gaming Industry. Their hilarious bickering eventually leeds to a fun filled romance.

No. 3: My Mowgli Boy 我的莫格利男孩

Does this show need any more introduction? My Mowgli Boy was consistently Number 1 for the past few weeks. As the show reaches a conclusion, it as also stepped down from No.1 to No.3 in viewership.

The story revolves around the romance between a Mowgli Boy (Starring Roy Ma Tian Yu) from the jungle, and Ling Xi (Starring Yang Zi), who accidentally exposed him to civilization.

No 2: Pretty Man 2 国民老公2

Although Pretty Man 2 debuted at Number 2 but it’s not yet clear whether or not it will continue to hold that title. The story is a TV adaptation from the much loved Chinese novel with the same name.

The story follows Pretty Man 1 and revolves around the love story of Lu Jin Nian (Starring Xiong Zi Qi) and Qiao An Hao (Starring Lai Yu Meng) as they enter into married life.

There was much controversy as the production team changed the female lead in seasons 2. Formerly in Season 1, Qiao An Hao was played by Sierra Li Xin Rui.

After airing just 2 episodes, the famous “noodle kiss” has already gone viral online.

No. 1: Ten Years Late 十年三月三十日

This drama is creating all the buzz right now. This drama, starring Shawn Dou Xiao and Guli Zhana tells the story of a pair of lovers in the tourism industry. Jin Ran gives up his corporate job to pursue his interest at a tourism company where his interest in Yuan Lai, his first love, is reignited again.


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