Jackson WANG trending on Weibo for charismatic performance on Soundwave Partners

Source: Weibo

On September 15, 2019 Jaskson Wang made it to Weibo’s top search for his charismatic performance in the Chinese musica/rap show, Soundwave Partners (音浪合伙人).

In the show, Jackson sang the song <Red> with a well planned performance of over a hundred people. This hip-hop performance was a celebration of Chinese culture which incorporated many traditional elements such as Chinese opera, Lion Dancing, and Martial Arts.

One line in Jackson’s rap lyrics attracted particular attention and has been trending on Weibo: “I am China’s Jiu-Ling-Hou!

Jiu-Ling-Hou refers to the generation of young adults born in the 1990s. This performance is an ode to chinese heritage and the declaration of a new generation.

Source: Weibo


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