Fans notice Cecilia Cheung’s Birthday Card From Her Sons.

On May 24th, it was Cecilia Cheung’s birthday. Although she had a birthday party in Beijing on the 22nd with fans, Cecilia Cheung chose to spend the actual day of her birthday with her children. Fans praised her for putting family first. 

On the date of her birthday, Cecilia’s eldest son Lucas, and her second son Quintus, both wrote greeting cards to Cecilia Cheung to wish their mother a happy birthday. However, fans said that the English words of this greeting card are really too sloppy, and the letters are too small. 

Quintus also drew a picture of a boy holding a balloon. Fans noticed that every year when Quintus writes a greeting card to his mother, it always includes a drawing of a warm little boy. 

Lucas’ writing is very scribbled. Fans said these two little handsome write like their father, Nicholas Tse, because Nicholas Tse’s handwriting is super scribbled.

Fans pointed out that not long ago, Cecilia Cheung was trying to teach her sons calligraphy. It seems that there is really no progress. 

In fact, Cecilia Cheung’s handwriting is not beautiful either, but much better than her ex-husband, Nicholas Tse. Nevertheless, fans concluded that Faye Wong (王菲) has the best writing out of the three.  (For those who don’t know, Faye Wong was dating Nicholas Tse before his marriage to Cecilia. After Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse’s divorce in 2012, Faye and Nicholas got back together, causing quite a controversy.)

Now, Cecilia Cheung lives alone with her three children. Netizens often praise Cecilia Cheung for being a good mother. 

Fans are glad to see her sons’ handwritten birthday cards. Cecilia Cheung, who rarely talks about her personal life during interviews, recently said that she had done a lot of things wrong in the past, but that she always tries to move forward, for the sake of her three sons, who are presumably the biggest motivation for Cecilia Cheung!


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